Tattini History

Tattini was created in 1860 in the Italian Town of Spoleto. In a small workshop experienced craftsmen manufactured beautiful saddles following ancient and tried methods. Soon after Tattini started designing & manufacturing equestrian clothing, footwear and horsewear. Tattini is still based in Spoleto, but is now an established name in high quality equestrian products and distributes its stylish classical equestrian sporting range throughout Europe and the World.

Tattini Today

Today Tattini is a leading designer and manufacturer that combines Italian styling and high quality materials to produce a range of equestrian sporting goods. The stylish Tattini Range includes products such as Equestrian Clothing, Saddles, Horse Rugs, Horse Tack, Riding Boots, Jodhpur Boots, and Half Chaps. Tattini works with internationally respected riders from all disciplines to design, produce and innovate hi-performance Clothing, Footwear and a range of versatile Horsewear products.

Tattini Equestrian Clothing

Tattini has sourced specialist fabrics in its equestrian clothing range. The goals are to allow maximum body movement and flexibility, whilst maintaining a constant body temperature, this works to improve athletic results. Tattini Italian styling uses texture, vibrant colour and detailing to offer hi-performance classical clothing.

Tattini Equestrian Riding Boots & Footwear

Tattini finest quality Italian Long Boots, Jodphur Boots and Chaps have been designed with perfection as a goal. Our hardwearing boots made with the softest Italian leather to offer comfort and style. The Tattini patented Cooling and Ventilation System and unique Shock Absorbing heel make the comfort of a Tattini boot the riders choice.

Tattini Horsewear

The Tattini Horsewear range is huge and offers Rugs Saddles and accessories – Bridles – Bits – Halters – Lead ropes – Breaking and Training Equipment – Harness – Rugs – Bandages – Overreach Boots – Horse boots – Pony Games Equipment – Stable Equipment – Farriers tools – Horse care – Leather care.